These little humans take over your life in every way you can think of. But don’t get me wrong I love it, I love being Atarah’s mum and it’s changed me so much, for the better… Mostly I have become less self-centered, I’ve become so patient, tolerant and compassionate. Before Atarah I lived in my own little bubble, I was so spontaneous (which I can’t be now) and everything I did was just to please me which now when I look back wasn’t so great because I was selfish about my decisions and actions. Now before I make any decision, I sit and think about everything so that I can pave a good path for my daughter and future kids.

Most importantly I have redefined my self in Christ because I have learnt to depend on him for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, provision, protection and guidance. And I would love to see my child/ children follow that path as well. The bible in proverbs 22:6 says ‘train up your child in the way he should go even when he is old he will not depart from it.’


Motherhood isn’t all rosy, its exhausting, frustrating and everything in those lines you can think but I’m so glad I never experienced the sleepless nights nor the colic phase (she was such a peaceful baby and still is) from how others mummies describe it , I’m really thankful I didn’t pass through that. Despite all those challenges, it’s through it all that I have discovered strengths I never knew I had. Nobody should ever lie to you that it’s an easy task but surely it’s something you can manage (we are super women by nature). Everything is a challenge in the beginning you can’t just do things randomly anymore, planning becomes your best friend, from birth, everything starts revolving around your baby. But never let yourself go, find a few hours to do the things you like, just so you can maintain your sanity or avoid slipping into depression.
Postnatal depression is real and it’s a common problem affecting a lot of women in our society, many women feel sad, down and anxious and much more. It’s unfortunate it’s considered normal hence we do not take this matter serious.


In short, I have matured, Atarah (Her name means crown) is the wake up call I needed to get my life in order, motherhood has definitely changed me in a positive way, from learning how to be responsible and how to save money, to working harder and being more focused and determined.


*Photography by Fortress Media



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