If you asked me a year ago if I could live without Facebook,

I would probably have laughed in your face, the app was my life, my source of entertainment (from gossip to news to just checking up on my friends). I used to check my phone every minute and I discovered how harmful it had become.

Before logging out of Facebook, I had read a lot of  articles on having a social media detox and how important and powerful it is. So before changing my mind 21 + days ago I logged out of Facebook and I have not looked back. The most important lesson I have learnt from the detox is that I get to have more me time in the morning and evening, (instead of running for my phone to check Facebook) and I also get to read more of my books. Do I miss Facebook? not at all.

To sum up these 21+ days without Facebook, I will quote this article ‘ Limiting our time on social media frees up the rest of our day to truly connect with people, and more importantly, with ourselves’.

Would you try the 21 day Facebook detox?


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