I have been living alone for more than a year now, and I have to say it has been the most ‘interesting’ experience of my life.

Not only did I move out of the parents place, I had to move 7 hours away from them because of work. With the ups and downs of living alone I thought I would Share with you the lessons that I continue to learn from living alone;

The importance of budgeting

Living on your own slowly makes you learn how to be financially independent. I never truly knew the importance of budgeting when I was living with my parents because I never had to worry about electricity bills, or water bills or even TV bills but now before I can think of buying a dress or shoes, I have to make sure all the necessary bills are paid.

Enjoying your own company

To be honest this was hard for me in the beginning, I missed the noise of  having the family around, my little brothers bothering me, my sister walking into my room whenever she pleased and my mother wanting to gossip at the end of the day made me feel so lonely in those first few months of living alone. Eventually, I started to appreciate the silence, for it helped me discover myself and fall in love with being on my own.

Becoming Independent and Self Reliant 

I did not know how self reliant I can be till I started living on my own. The first time I changed a light bulb I felt so proud of myself because I would run to dad for help with such things. I have truly learned to take care of myself and my little place and with every accomplishment (no matter how little) brings with it builds my confidence and improves my self esteem.

Are you living alone? What are your experiences?



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